60 minute program (unless otherwise noted) 

Live animals, engaging activities, touchable artifacts and pre and post activities!

$3.00 per student, minimum of $100.00

Add 30 minutes of exciting hands-on interactive activities!

Activities will include: making vulture vomit, making animal tracks, scavenger hunts, and much much more!

Additional $2.00 per student

Please choose from the following list of topics:

On the Move: PreK-K (30 minutes)  

Children will discover the different ways that animals get around and even have a chance to move just like them!

Forest Friends: PreK-K (30 minutes)  

Let’s hike through the Ozark’s dominant habitat and find out what parts of the forest are alive and what parts are not.

Animal Introductions: PreK-K (30 minutes)  

Learn what makes reptiles, birds, and mammals unique.

Paws and Claws: PreK-K (30 minutes)  

Discover the different ways animals use their feet.

Growing Pains: grades 1 - 2    

Join us for an adventure into the world of metamorphosis as we discuss animal life cycles.

Animal Appetites: grades 1 - 2  

Explore the fundamentals of the food chain as we have an up-close encounter with live predators and prey.

Nature’s Niches: grades 3 - 4

Uncover the dynamic relationships found in North America’s diverse ecosystems.

Stayin’ Alive: grades 3 - 4   

Investigate why animals look and behave the way they do as we discuss some amazing animal adaptations.

The Resource Connection: grades 5 - 6  

Explore the valuable resources found in Ozarks’ forests, caves, and waterways.


Vertebrates Have Class: grades 5 - 6   

Examine the process of scientific classification, from its history to its importance in organizing the world’s vertebrate species.

Discovering Nature with Lewis and Clark: grades 1-6  

Learn about the many contributions Lewis and Clark made to the biological world.   

Wild Nights: grades 1 - 6  

Find out who comes out when the sun goes down as we learn about nocturnal animals and their special sensory adaptations.

Show Me Wildlife: grades 1 - 6  

Take a trip through Missouri’s diverse habitats and discover some of the wildlife that lives in the Show Me State.

The Slimy and the Scaly:  grades 1 - 6  

Learn about the unique characteristics and life cycles of amphibians and reptiles and how to distinguish between them.

Wonders in the Sky: grades 1 - 6  

Let’s travel into the wild blue yonder and meet the different kinds of animals that fly!

The Human Factor: grades 7 - 12

Learn how humans have impacted wild animal populations in both negative and positive ways.


Lab Programs

Lab program will provide a challenging arena in which middle and high school students are engaged in more advanced topics. This experience will last 90 minutes and will include live animals, touchable artifacts, and dissection of a rat, frog, fish, squid, or an owl pellet. Pre and post activities will accompany each lab program.

Birds of Prey: 7-12th grade

Students will dissect an owl pellet.

Animal Anatomy: 7-12th grade

Students will dissect a perch, sea star, squid, frog, or rat.

Call us at 417-225-1118 or email us at for pricing.


Conservation Cases

Conservation cases contain lessons for Pre K – Grade 5, educational resources, and background 

information for the teacher.  Conservation cases can be checked out for 2 weeks for a cost of $5.00.

Choose from the following topics.  For more information or to reserve a case, please call 417-225-1118.


Birds Cooperators: Missouri Department of Conservation & Greater Ozarks Audubon Society

Reptiles and Amphibians – Cooperators: Southwest Herpetological Society

Teachers if you are interested in a program in your class, please check out the outreach page. All classroom programs can be done as outreach.

If you do not find a class that fits your needs, please call 417-225-1118 or email, as we can possibly design something to fit your needs!






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