Wildlife Forever's State Fish Art Contest

  • In 2019 Wonders of Wildlife became the new home of the Missouri State Fish Art Contest. The goal, to create future stewards of our lakes, rivers, streams and oceans. Wildlife Forever and Wonders of Wildlife believe that the education of students leads to the action of stewardship.


About the Contest

Students will create an original horizontal 9”x12” Art Illustration of any MO State Fish from the below ‘Official Fish List’ and write a 1 page essay relating to their chosen fish. The essay should include information about the fishes’ habitat, behavior, diet, and conservation issues and/or needs.

A completed entry form along with the illustration and essay should be mailed to Wonders of Wildlife no later than March 31st, 2019.

Rules and Guidelines
Official Fish List
Missouri State Entry Form


Entry Form Instructions

  1. Download and print the MO State Entry Form.
  2. Complete the entry form and have a parent, guardian or teacher sign it. Please note that each entry form must include a direct email address and home address for the artist or their parent. We must be able to contact the winners directly regarding their win and return of their art during the summer.
  3. Mail completed entry to the address at the top of your Entry Form by March 31 2018.
    • Your original artwork – Original artwork of ANY official state-fish or Ontario designated fish is eligible. Learn about your home state’s official fish, or pick a different state-fish and explore its characteristics, habitat and behavior through art!
    • Your entry form affixed by a glue stick to the back of your artwork. (Please: no staples, paper clips, OR tape!)
    • Your original “one side of one page” essay with your name, state and grade on the back. Do not attach your writing to your art.
  4. EDUCATORS: We will return your classroom’s art to you at our expense. You do not need to include any funds for the return.
  5. INDIVIDUALS: If you would like your art returned you should include a check for $10, to Wonders of Wildlife, covering shipping & handling.
  6. Entries will not be accepted by e-mail.


Sample Artwork

Kids State-Fish Art K-3


Kids State-Fish Art 4-6


Kids State-Fish Art 7-9


Kids State-Fish Art 10-12




For questions, contact the education department at:
Phone: 417-225-1162
Email: edu@wondersofwildlife.org