Outreach Programs - Let us come to you

Can’t come to us? Then let us come to you. Our highly qualified educators will bring conservation to life for your students, guests or youth groups. The traveling outreach programs are designed to engage and entertain your guests with live animal ambassadors, engaging presentations and touchable artifacts. Programs are available for all ages and abilities.

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Classroom EdVenture

30-minute Young EdVenturer

  • 30-minute animal presentation
  • Pre-K through Kindergarten
  • 3-4 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Max of 50 students
  • $125 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $75
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

60-minute Edventurer

  • 60-minute animal presentation
  • 1st grade – High school
  • 4-5 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Max of 50 students
  • $150 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $100
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

Auditorium EdVenture

  • Pre-K through High school
  • 1-hour animal presentation
  • 4-5 live animals
  • Minimum of 50 students
  • $250 + mileage
  • Add a second program (same topic) for only $150
  • Up to 4 programs in one day (must be consecutive)

Meet & Greet

Our awe-inspiring animal ambassadors are a perfect way to get a party started! They are bound to impress as they welcome your guests or mingle throughout the crowd.

  • 3-4 live animals
  • Touchable artifacts
  • Wonders of Wildlife info booth
  • $150 for the first hour
  • $75 each additional hour


  • To control staffing and transportation cost, there is a 25-mile distance from Springfield (50 miles round trip) in which travel expense is included in cost of outreach program
  • Beyond the 25 miles (50 miles roundtrip) from Wonders of Wildlife an additional mileage charge will be assessed at the time of booking
  • Mileage fees will be assessed based on the shortest distance from Wonders of Wildlife to the outreach facility according to Google Maps

Age-Geared Programming

  • Pre- K - Kindergarten

    On the Move: Children will discover the different ways that animals get around and even have a chance to move just like them!

    Forest Friends: Let’s hike through the Ozark’s dominant habitat and find out what parts of the forest are alive and what parts are not.

    Animal Introductions: Learn what makes reptiles, birds, and mammals unique.

  • 1st - 2nd Grade

    Paws and Claws: Discover the different ways animals use their feet.

    Growing Pain: Join us for an adventure into the world of metamorphosis as we discuss animal life cycles.

    Animal Appetites: Explore the fundamentals of the food chain as we have an up-close encounter with live predators and prey.

  • 1st - 6th Grade

    Discovering Nature with Lewis & Clark: Learn about the many contributions Lewis and Clark made to the biological world

    Wild Nights: Find out who comes out when the sun goes down as we learn about nocturnal animals and their special sensory adaptations.

    Show Me Wildlife: Take a trip through Missouri’s diverse habitats and discover some of the wildlife that lives in the Show Me State.

    The Slimy and the Scaly: Learn about the unique characteristics and life cycles of amphibians and reptiles and how to distinguish between them.

    Wonders in the Sky: Let’s travel into the wild blue yonder and meet the different kinds of animals that fly!

  • 3rd - 4th Grade

    Nature’s Niches: Uncover dynamic relationships found in North America’s diverse ecosystems.

    Stayin’ Alive: Investigate why animals look and behave the way they do as we discuss some amazing animal adaptations.

  • 5th - 6th Grade

    The Resource Connection: Explore the valuable resources found in Ozarks’ forests, caves, and waterways.

    Vertebrates Have Class: Examine the process of scientific classification, from its history to its importance in organizing the world’s vertebrate species.

  • 7th - 12th Grade

    The Human Factor: Learn how humans have impacted wild animal populations in both negative and positive ways.

For questions contact the education department at:
Phone: 888-222-6060
Email: gregistration@wondersofwildlife.org